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Auld Alliance Gin 


As a new company, Auld Alliance required the brand building blocks that would kickstart their journey towards developing a unique voice across print and digital marketing. We agreed that a logo, along with colour palette and typography recommendations ideally related to Scotland and France, or something they shared, would be enough to get working with pre-launch.


Identity Design, 

Packaging Design, 

Product Visualisation


2020 - Present


The client knew they wanted gold foiling to be incorporated into the printed elements accompanying the product and brand, so we came to agree that the primary accent colour should be a gold-ish yellow. Subsequently the blue was selected to effectively contrast the yellow, without becoming garish or clashing.


Amiri was chosen to be the primary typeface due to it's classical form, sitting comfortably between the imperfection of early typefaces and more modern interpretations that would be too geometric.

Variable logo


The label for Auld Alliance was initially inspired by medieval tapestry design, but as the colour palette conceptualisation evolved, the label changed to reflect traditional metal engraving. Using imagery of engraved metal work from the National Museum of Scotland and referencing the national symbols of Scotland and France, this wrap was developed to be a modern take on a classic design technique.

Example graphics

Bottle selection:

The Auld Alliance team were keen for their label to work with either the 'Macao' or 'Manila' bottles from VetroElite. However, these bottles being influenced by Japanese design, would not fit with the brand they were trying to build and so I suggested 'Time' as an alternative that fit with the identity we had developed, and the wrap-around style of label we had worked on. 


One of the early ideas I had for the bottle involved gold-foiling directly on a blue frosted glass bottle, but the reality of producing this design at scale was not practical and so was shelved. However it did inspire me to create a quick mockup of a potential miniature that works using the Auld Alliance secondary colour palette.


Using Blender to accurately reproduce the bottle allowed me to iterate the label design without having to produce expensive prototypes of the gold-foil print, and also allowed the Auld Alliance team to see how their product would look when finished.

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