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Chill Cider


Developed to support a friend's final B.A Marketing project, Chill Cider had to have a fresh visual identity that fit alongside an existing business - for us that was Thistly Cross, an established cider producer in Scotland. 


Identity Design, 

Packaging Design, 

Product Visualisation



Variable logo:

The logo is tied very closely to the Thistly Cross style, providing a sense of familiarity right off the bat and using off-kilter text that retains its sharp edges to suggest the shape of an apple plays young without becoming childish.

Colour palette and typography

Example applications of identity

Label Design:

The imagery for Chill focuses on the natural colour combinations found in skyscapes during different times of day and weather condition, with minimal illustration to reinforce this. Skyscapes were chosen for their calming association and should ideally be gradiented to reflect the fruit flavour combination for different product editions. By inverting the colour scheme of Thistly Cross cans, it was possible to make the band at the base of the can resemble clouds, and allow Chill Cider to stand by itself, as well as alongside Thistly Cross products.

Label variations

Can visualisation

Proposed box designs for 16 and 4 can variations

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