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Home End


Branding and vinyl design for Cumbernauld Colts and Clyde FC's joint club shop.

The brief provided by the team at Broadwood Stadium for the branding of their new club shop had only two specifications; Do not refence either Cumbernauld Colts or Clyde FC when naming the shop; ensure Cumbernauld Colts and Clyde FC colours and badges are included in the signage. With such an open ended brief it was decided that the branding should focus on the most positive aspect of football - community.

This project was completed in July 2021, and since this time North Lanarkshire Council, the governing body responsible for Broadwood, has decided not to renew Clyde FC’s lease at the stadium. As such the project was never physically realised.


Identity Design, 

Visual Design,

3D Visualisation



Variable logo - mono

Variable logo - full colour:

The Home End logo was developed to be very low impact, and not be easily assignable to one club. I focused on repeated shape and tessellating patterns, to communicate the strength found in tight communities such as football clubs. The primary responsive logo reflects an interpretation of the club colours that are slightly muted to gel better than the starker tones used in the club kits.

Colour and Typography:

Proxima Nova compliments the geometric logomark, and was chosen specifically due to it’s structural similarities to the copperplate typeface used by both clubs in their crests.

Example applications of identity

Reference imagery provided by client

Vinyl design:

The club crests were recreated as vectors from scratch, so they could be scaled to the size required for the vinyl's without loss of quality. The brief required that the vinyl's be fully opaque, which meant selecting either photography or illustration to energise the space not needed for information. Illustration was selected due to time and budget constraints - I could create illustrations that fit with the branding more cheaply than licensing club photographs from Getty Images, and in an acceptable period of time.


Blender was used to understand how the graphics would work spatially and subsequently to present my work to the client.

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