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Margaret Kidd


Laura Dunlop, QC got in touch with me in the summer of 2021 to discuss an approach to promoting the life and achievements of Dame Margaret Kidd, KC a Scottish lawyer who served as the first woman KC in Britain. Being involved in the centenary celebration of women in law, Laura and her team had noticed the omission of Kidd in the Supreme Court's recognition of pioneering women, and sought to address this with a dedicated set of display graphics.


Display Graphics, 

3D Visualisation




If information about Margaret Kidd was scarce, then imagery was next to non-existent. Included in the proposal imagery are all the publicly accessible photographs and news clippings related to Kidd’s life. For the first board, I converted the strongest image to a bitmap, which while more stylised, allowed it to be more effectively scaled, and works well when the boards are viewed from a distance.

Display board detail


To fit with the wider celebration of women in law and contextualise Margaret Kidd in the progression of women's rights in the twentieth century, key moments from her life in the law run along the top of the timeline, while the evolution of women's rights and participation in the legal profession in the UK run along the bottom.


Although the Supreme Court offers guided tours that cater specifically to people that have sensory disabilities, the cost of making the information digital and therefore more accessible is low, and so we proposed including audio, adjustable text size, and translated versions of the information. 


Including the bookmarks as part of the installation provides another low-cost method of distributing the information about Margaret Kidd more widely, and is an ideal medium for compressing the timeline of achievements.

Display boards:

Unfortunately, for a woman whose achievements are on par with Dame Rose Helibron, QC, sources of information about Margaret Kidd’s life are scarce, so while Laura and her team compiled research I designed a graphic system that would account for as much information as they could pull together.

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