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Branding and punk are not two concepts that often come into contact, but when WIRED reached out to initiate this project, the challenge of reconciling these two disparate ideas was an exciting prospect. As music producers undertaking their first solo venture, the WIRED duo did not come with any existing visual material or branding, so to start it was important to get a feel of the direction they wanted to take.


Identity Design



Colour and Typography:

Since WIRED would be a primarily digital project, the colour palette was developed with this in mind. Similarly, the typographic guidelines a more cyber-punk aesthetic through the use of the monospaced typeface Cousine. Both aspects are not intended to be overly prescriptive, as the rest of the identity was developed around the idea of “remixing”, and so changes in colour and type are to be expected.


By pushing the letter forms to be as heavy and simple as possible the scope for experimenting with the internal space and borders, whilst maintaining recognisability, is kept as open.

Example logo variability

Example graphics under visual guidelines

Poster area formalisation

Poster area demonstration graphics

Promotional graphics

Printed graphics embody more traditional punk aesthetics and simulate production methods

Initial development:

In the initial phase of the project we went back and forth on different logomarks that could portray the fresh EBM that WIRED was hoping bringing to the Scottish DJ scene. Through researching and experimenting with punk imagery it became clear that it was not appropriate to fix a single image to a project that would constantly change with new artists and sounds. With this in mind we began looking at typography as a source for inspiration - classic punk zines being a good analogue for what WIRED would be doing in the digital era.

Punk zine cover works from DC Punk Archive Zine Library

Poster area:

The logo was designed to work with a poster space when necessary. This would allow the WIRED team to create new assets using their logo

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